The Most Common Profession Among The World's Top Billionaires

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So! You want to be one of the absolute richest people out there! You want to be a billionaire! Hey, who doesn’t? Strolling around without a care in the world, laughing it up at some of the most lavish parties, money never being an issue, and owning all the yachts you could ever want, while they just sit in docks (that you also own of course) waiting for you to take them out for a spin on the high seas. And hey, let’s be honest, you certainly have a fascination with the 1%, after all you’re watching videos on a channel called “The Richest!”, maybe it’s time to stop fantasizing… and start taking action! Get up off your seat and make something of yourself! Enough bingeing Youtube, you should start planning your career path to becoming one of The Richest! It’s your time to shine my friend! So, what is the most common profession amongst billionaires? Heck, what job produces the most millionaires? Well that is the question isn’t it. But believe it or not, there is an answer, and that means there is a career path out there for you that will take you to the top. It may require some brains, so be ready to study, but we believe in you. Don’t you worry you future yacht owners out there, we got all your answers about what you should be studying in college, right here in today’s video, as we discuss the professions of the 1%. Take some notes, and then… maybe think about switching your major!

Written by: Chris Montrose
Narrated by: Chris Montrose
Edited by: AJ Varela

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Just how many billionaires are there?
01:31 What’s the most common billionaire job?
03:01 Who are some other billionaire engineers?
04:34 What about the most common Millionaire job?