Investment Strategies for Beginners and My Investing Experience – Ft @pranjal kamra

We discuss investment strategies for beginners with Pranjal Kamra. He shares his own investment journey as a beginner, his start-up experience, Youtube journey and journey as an author. As a bonus we also get to know his favourite books, stocks that made him the most money and the stock that lost him most money.

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About the Video:
From being an average student who was struggling with his stuttering problem to being one of the most renowned faces on Indian YouTube in the area of finance, Pranjal Kamra has seen it all. A strong orator, he first went on to pursue law from one of the most prestigious institutions of our country but soon after left it to follow his calling into the world of finance. Starting his investing habits at a very young age, people now seek guidance from him on topics such as investment strategies for beginners, the right investment portfolio strategy, early investing tips for youngsters, share market basics for beginners, etc. His journey from being a law student to and investor, author, entrepreneur and now a finance coach is an inspiration in its own self.
In furtherance of our new interview series, we have brought this collaborative video for our community to get an insight of Pranjal Kamra started his investment in 20s, what were the obstacles he had to overcome, Pranjal Kamra investment portfolio in the stock market, etc. Let’s dive deep into a conversation about how to start investing in your 20s and his investment strategy for 2021 that you could get inspired from, his favourite books and entrepreneurship ideas. So, get ready for an amazing dialogue with the infamous Pranjal Kamra.

In this video, we have explained:
1. How to start investing in stock market?
2. How to invest in the Stock Market for beginners?
3. Investment strategies for beginners
4. Investment portfolio kaise banaye?
5. Pranjal Kamra’s journey as beginner in share market India
6. How to make your own investment plan?
7. Guide to building an investment portfolio for beginners.
8. How to plan Investment in Business, Stocks, Gold etc.?
9. Pranjal Kamra’s Investment Portfolio strategy
10. An experiential guide to investing in 20s
11. Asset classes to include in your investment portfolio.
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