How to build Investment Portfolio? – Investment Strategies for Beginners ft. CA Rachana Ranade

CA Rachana Ranade discusses her Investment Portfolio Strategies and what beginners can learn from them. She shares her journey as a Teacher, Investor, Youtuber and an Entrepreneur.
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About the Video:
A few years ago, both CA Rachana Ranade and I were beginners in the stock market. We too started our journey with little knowledge on how to start investing as a beginner and what types of investments to make early on in your life during your 20s and 30s. Many of the people find FDs and RDs traditional ways of investing and often look to make quick bucks in the share market. However, we too learnt it the hard way that some way might seem traditional but often turn out to be lucrative and useful in the face of emergencies. So. it is important to have a full knowledge about what are your investing options, what types of investing strategies you could consider, how to build your investment portfolio for maximum returns and what does the investment portfolio of an experienced investor looks like.
To cater to such questions asked by CA Rachana Ranade’s views and our’s as well, we have brought this collaborative video for our community to get an insight of how we started our investment in 20s, what were the obstacles we had to overcome, her portfolio of investment in the stock market, etc. let’s talk in depth about how to start investing in your 20s and her investment strategy for 2021 that you could get inspired from. So there are amazing insights by the infamous Rachana Ranade stock market guru.

In this video, we have explained:
1. How to start investing in stock market?
2. How to invest in the Stock Market for beginners?
3. Investment strategies for beginners
4. Investment portfolio kaise banaye?
5. CA Rachana’s journey as beginner in share market India
6. How to make your own investment plan?
7. Guide to building an investment portfolio.
8. How to plan Investment in gold, FD & RD?
9. CA Rachana Ranade Investment Strategy.
10. Rachana Ranade Investment Portfolio strategy
11. An experiential guide to investing in 20s
12. Asset classes to include in your investment portfolio.
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