I'm Poor In A Family Of Billionaires

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I guess my life was a bit different to most kids. I spent a lot of time on my own. I don’t mean I didn’t have friends, I had lots of friends. But my parents left me on my own a lot. I pretty much brought myself up.

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My parents had very busy jobs, I don’t really know exactly what their jobs were. But whatever it was it took them away a lot. I didn’t really mind. I was used to looking after myself. They travelled to lots of different countries. They would leave me by myself for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. When they came back they would bring me lots of presents. I kinda enjoyed it when they went away. I could do whatever I wanted.

When my parents were home they were always whispering to each other. They would send me up to my room.

“Your Mom and I need to discuss some work stuff.” Dad would say. “Just go to your room. You’ll be bored listening to all this.”

Dad was really fun when he was around. I thought he was the best Dad in the world. Only one thing he was super strict about. I wasn’t allowed to touch his computer. I didn’t know why. It’s not like I was gonna break it or anything!

I remember one time Mom and Dad had gone shopping, I was in my room doing my homework. Suddenly the battery on my laptop died.

“Oh no.” I thought. “Just my luck.”

I only had a bit more to do and then I could go out to play with my friends. Now I would be stuck here until Mom came home and I could borrow her laptop. Then a thought came to my head. I would just finish my homework on Dad’s computer. It would only take me 5 minutes. He would never know. I ran downstairs and sat at Dad’s desk. I switched on the computer and heard the monitor come to life. Suddenly the door flew open and Dad was standing there.

“What are you doing?” He screamed at me. “Get up to your room. You’re grounded for a month!”

“What is wrong with him?” I thought. I couldn’t believe he would get so angry.

I went up to my room.

“It’s so not fair. Dad just treats me like a baby. I can’t believe I’m grounded.” I thought to myself.

It was about two weeks after that when Mom said that her and Dad had to go away again for work. To be honest I was quite happy they were going away. I was still grounded, but they hadn’t said I couldn’t have any friends come over! As usual Mom had made lots of meals and put them in the freezer for me. All I had to do when I came in from school was heat one of them in the microwave. The days went by and before I knew it, they had been away for over 3 weeks.

“It’s not like them to be away for this long.” I thought. “Hope they’re