The ‘Geopolitics of Global Inequality’ – Prof Mike Savage, LSE (2019)

The world’s leading global powers are seeing the biggest increases in economic inequality, according to one of the world’s foremost theorists of inequality.

Professor Mike Savage, director of the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics, warns rising contemporary inequality is related to the geo-politics of nationalism and imperial power.

Speaking on the 30th anniversary of the UCD Equality Studies Centre, he argues that these trends are linked to a return of historical forces connected with the accumulation of wealth inequality and inheritance, and mark a major challenge to precepts associated with theories of modernity.

Professor Savage presented his latest paper on inequality as part of the centre’s Annual Equality Studies Public Lecture.

The title of his lecture is ‘The Geopolitics of Global Inequality’, which focused on current inequality trends and how they are linked with a wider remaking of the global world order.

In 2013, Professor Savage collaborated with the BBC to produce the ‘Great British Class Survey’ – the most popular piece of digital sociology ever with over 9 million hits on the broadcaster’s ‘class calculator’.

The Annual Equality Studies Public Lecture invites leading figures in the theory and practice of equality to speak to members, colleagues and friends of the UCD Equality Studies Centre on key contemporary issues of inequality.

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