The Ridiculous Life Of Dubai's Billionaire Children

Dubai is known for its many billionaires in their royal family, and this is how the children spend their parents fortunes! Sports cars, Ferrari’s, Versace, Luxury Mansions, Private Jets, Private Yatchs, dream vacations ! Get ready to have your mind blown!

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Welcome back, Richest fans! The UAE city of Dubai is known for attracting the wealthiest people in the world. As a result, many rich kids will look to make a name for themselves there with the elite. Social media is filled with photos and videos of their expenditure. However, there are also a number of unspoken rules for the young billionaires and millionaires. A number of which we’re going to look at today. As well as see a few areas that the rich kids splash their cash on.

Now, for the spoiler paragraph. If you don’t want to know what’s on, we suggest you watch the video immediately. One of the areas we’re going to look at is the world of exotic pets and private zoos in the city. We’ll also look at the various luxury cars. Such as the Bugatti Veyron used by the police and a Louis Vuitton wrapped Ferrari F12. We’ll look at some of the most expensive food such as The Golden Phoenix cupcake. There’s also a number of youngsters that look to have their iPhone made from solid gold! We’ll also explore Rashed Belhasa’s life. Such as his immense shoe collection. Including Air Jordans! We’ll look at the cost of Hajwalah. Which is car drifting. As well as the potential price of WWE wrestling in the country a couple of years ago. We’ll also see Palm Jumeirah. The most exclusive living area in Dubai. It’s filled with massive mansions! Finally, we’ll look at some of the lavish hotels in the city as well!

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