How To Invest In The Stock Market Using Trading212 | Investment Strategy Explained!

How To Invest In The Stock Market Using Trading212 | Investment Strategy Explained!

In today’s video I’m going to give you a quick run down of my personal investment strategy and how I invest into the stock market.

There are a lot of investment strategies that you can use to invest, all investment strategies have benefits and drawbacks, the strategy that i’m going to share with you today isn’t by all means perfect, but it certainly has allowed me to drive double digit % growth in my portfolio and made me 4 figures in unrealised gains too.

I also want to share with you guys how you can use technical trading indicators in order to help gauge where the market is comparatively to historical prices. Using historical data can give you an average trend of the market, with a lot of technical traders using this approach to determine when to buy into the stock market. The indicator itself is called the 200 day moving average, which is a great way to understand whether price is trading below or above the average trend of the past 200 days, but more about that in the video and how this helps me make investment decisions.

Finally, I wanted to show you this strategy in action, so towards the end of the video i’ll share with you guys my investment portfolio and exactly what i have decided to invest in this month.

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Disclaimer: All ideas presented within this video are that of my own based on my own opinions. Please do not consider any of these videos as financial advice as I am NOT a financial advisor. All financial decisions and choices made are solely your responsibility. The views shared in this video are just for entertainment purposes only.