More than millionaires, billionaires !!! and all with time ahead to enjoy their fortune. To die of envy. The youngest billionaires below …

Kylie Jenner
Beauty, glamor and a great ability to make money define her. Make way for the beauty business queen: KYLIE JENNER!!!

Evan Spiegel
If the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has led many of the lists of the wealthiest people, why the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat could not stand out in this top? Evan Spiegel

Alexandra Andresen
She is Alexandra, the youngest of the Andresen sisters. That´s right, she´s the sister of Katharina Andresen

Patrick Collison
Have you always had distrust of making payments online? Well, thanks to Patrick Collison and his brother John, you can make it using Stripe, software that allows you to make and receive online payments optimally.

John Collison
Once again, a Collison competing for being the wealthiest man. John Collison, is co-founder and CEO of Stripe. Just like his brother Patrick Collison and Evan Spiegel

Katharina Andresen
The search for the wealthiest young people has brought me to Norway, a country located in Northern Europe. Here, Katharina Andresen was born, who inherited 42% of the Ferd family business

Gustav Magnar Witzoe
Look at him carefully! This guy with a tattooed body and rough appearance is Gustav Magnar – who at just 26 years old – has become the richest young man in the world. To find out where he got his millions, I´ll make you think of food dishes.

Anna Kasprzak
Do you love shoes? I know you do. No matter if you are male or female, it´s difficult for you to resist a good pair of fancy leather shoes. So, have you heard about the Danish brand ECCO? Beautiful shoes, right? Well, Anna Kasprzak owns a juicy percentage of the sales of this brand.

Ludwig Theodor Braun
This young billionaire turned out to be a complete mystery. I know the figure of his millions thanks to Forbes.

Jonathan Kwok
Asia, the largest and most populous continent on Earth, could not remain without a worthy representative of wealth.

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