My Story of How I became a Billionaire (Three Extraordinary Billionaires)

My Story of How I became a Billionaire.

Beyonce is rich, with a reported net worth of $290 Million. And so is Kobe Bryant sitting at $350 Million.

But in the tally of America’s 40 wealthiest self-made under-40 personalities, the pop diva trails nearly everyone else at number 38 on the list, while the retired NBA Most Valuable Player—whose superior athletic abilities should have outpaced any competition—came sputtering in at number 33.

Impressive still? No doubt. But when you take a look at the vast majority of the self-made wealthy on the list, there are some undeniable trends that’d lead the astute to believe that the most likely path to eventually becoming a billionaire isn’t through sports or music—it’s through business.

With a few exceptions, the list is dominated (90 percent) by young founders, entrepreneurs and investors associated with globally recognizable brands like Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

On the world’s stage, there are 56 billionaires under 40 years old according to the Forbes 2017 list. While a number of them—like Alexandra Andresen (born in July 1996 and the youngest person who made the list)—inherited a very large fortune from their parents, more than half (30) built their own wealth entrepreneurs in spaces like technology, healthcare and investing.

At an increasing pace, the world is minting self-made billionaires, some of them still in their 20s (looking at you, Evan Spiegel of Snapchat). But what does it take to build a 10-digit fortune decades before you even need to think about retirement?

To answer the question of how to become a billionaire, we need to examine the rise of young tech moguls such as Mark Zuckerberg, the Collison brothers (Stripe), Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy (SnapChat), and Adam Neumann (WeWork). We can then identify commonalities in their journey towards entrepreneurial success.
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